[SCRIPTS] NoRecoil

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[SCRIPTS] NoRecoil

Mesaj  RobiCR9 la data de Mier Ian 11, 2012 9:17 am

///////////////[Auto pistol shoot and norecoil script in one]///////////////
Alias +aps "alias _special @aps;@aps"
alias -aps "alias _special;cl_pitchspeed 225"
alias @aps "special;+attack;cl_pitchspeed 200;+lookdown;wait;-lookdown;cl_pitchspeed 10;+lookup;wait;-lookup;-attack"
////////OFF AND ON////////
alias scon "bind mouse1 +aps;motd_write Aps and norecoil scripts are now [ON];motdread;bind F5 scoff"
alias scoff "bind mouse1 +norm.shot;motd_write Aps and norecoil scripts are now [OFF];motdread;bind F5 scon"
alias +norm.shot "+attack;wait"
alias -norm.shot "wait;-attack"
alias motdread "developer 1;motd;wait;developer 0;motdfile hudsys.txt"
motdfile hudsys.txt
bind F5 "scon"
///////[DEV. NOTES]///////
//HLguard has a lack of knowledge so to him this is a "cheat" :you'll get banned for 24 hours
//So please play on servers that dont have HLguard-If you see beeping orange light on left side of the screen,do a fast "disconnect"
//then go to other server and play....
//I have placed off and on button just in case that you realy whant to play on that server!....
//Then you can turn it off to get in or on if you go to some other server(s)

Atentie: Nu folositi pe steam, veti fi banati de catre VAC - Valve Anti Cheat ( Nu ca pe non-steam n-ati fi banati de admini )


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